Still Point

Exhibition view / Tone Myskja

Tone Myskja´s video and soundinstallation, was made for the summerexhibition
The Slade School of Fine Art 1993.
Was later shown at Galleri 152c Brick Lane, London 1994, Herslebsgate 10, Oslo 1995

Short descriptions in english of:

The work is based on a poem By T.S.Elliot – Burnt Norton.

The work could be seen both from the inside of the gallery and from the street outside. The space is totally white in colour with a floor consisting of soft underlay and a white material stretched tightly over. A video is projected through a mirror on to the floor. The video is performanced based, using a white material and arm movements. The imagery shows a quiet white scenery, disrupted by movements. A still concentrated movement breaks into sudden rapid changes.

The video is a ten minute long silent loop, only interupted by a short sound sequence, recordings taken from an avalanche, one time throughout the video.