Still Point of The Turning World

Exhibition view / Tone Myskja

“The Still Point of the Turning World» is a video installation consisting of three parallel videos, synchronised to the same soundtrack, but projected onto separate elements in the gallery space. The work can be seen as a poetic-political collage. The images act as stations, it is not a concrete story but parallel realities that work simultaneously tangent to each other. The story is told alternating between the private sphere and the outside world.
Tone Myskja has a sculptural and musical approach to working with video and composes complex and compound videos and installations. Her work exist between different artistic disciplines ; performing arts, music, visual arts and literature.
Thematically, much of her work relates to the complexity of language, identity and perception.

Video, director, editor: Tone Myskja
Sounddesign: Kamilya Jubran/Werner Hasler
Cinematographer: Hilde Malme
Performers: Brita Skybak, Lars Brunborg, Hildegunn Pettersen, Magnus Myhr

Exhibition Photos: Annar Bjørgli, Jens Hamran