Stages and Storeys

Exhibition view / Tone Myskja

Video and sound installation at Kunstnernes Hus, November 2006. The last years I have been involved in projects related to music and dance performances. Stages and Storeys is a work evolving from these experiences. The installation consist of two videoprojections, a red floor, a thousand books and three different layers of sound. In my work I am interested in language, movement and perception and in this particular work I wanted to work with a complexity of different layers interweaved and also in some way stage the viewer into my work. This was inspired from my stagework and also Italo Calvino´s book «If on a Winter´s Night a Traveler» and how this book makes the viewer involved/responsible in reading of the story.

Three different soundtracks played simultaniously, each loop with a different timespan. The videoprojections also had different timespans and the quality of expression was different although the basic material was collected from the same videoshoot.


Video – Tone Myskja, Sound – Jon Balke, Dancer – Halldis Olafsdottir, Photographer – Hilde Malme, Tone Myskja, Light Design – Knut Haraldsen,

Special Effects – Pål Morten Hverven, Assistants – Gabriella Göransson and Brita Skybak

Stages and Storeys was prodused wih the support of The Norwegian Arts Council, Kunstnernes Hus and NOTAM.