Exhibition view / Tone Myskja

Videoinstallation, exhibition, project room Galleri Riis 1995.

» Sjikt (Stratum) «, has a soft white floor with a video projected on to it, like a narrow beam of light coming through from the ceiling. The video imagery are movements from parts of my body filmed through different layers of glass, water and light projections. The installation is parted in two by a glass wall, to make up two different spaces. One protected room, and one open, walking through space. The outside space and the viewer can be seen mirrored in the glass wall. The windows in the gallery were not blackened out, so the visibility of the video changed depending on the light outside. The video sequence is a five minute long loop, and there is no sound. In «Sjikt» I was interested in the eye as some kind of filter, between the outside and the inside, in the way we perceive.