Sammenfall – Concurrence

Exhibition view / Tone Myskja

This videowork by Tone Myskja inspired from the writings of Jon Fosse. The work was exhibited in Gallery Sverdrup – 2003 in connection with a seminar concerning Jon Fosse‘s writing.

Or maybe you have no time. (Jon Fosse: Dreams at autumn)

In connection with a Jon Fosse – seminar at the University of Oslo, I was asked to create a video work inspired by the writing of Jon Fosse. My intention with video work is not to make a dramatization or illustration to Jon Fosse’s writing, but to create a dialogue with this inspirational material.
In my work as an artist I am concerned with rhythm, language and movement, and how to create meaning beyond what is directly communicated with words.
My visual language is poetic and abstract although I often work specifically with people in the videos.
The repetitive movements, fractures in time and pauses are important elements of Jon Fosse’s work, and this is also something I am concerned with in my work.
Besides using nature as an element, I’m going to work with dancers and individuals without an acting background. The aim is to create a rhythmic and abstract work about interpersonal relationships and time disappears.
The videos will represent two contrasting rooms, a woodland and an urban courtyard. Both places being somehow compact and claustrophobic. The video is not thought of as a linear story, but a description of various conditions or circumstances that occur between people in a confined spaces, where the outer world is vaguely present as a kind of backdrop.

There will be a mosaic of clips from the backyard; close-ups, details, double exposures and dreamlike forest scenes. Alternating between inner and outer space.  The participating figures all carry with them their own history and are being part of a story. I want to open up the possibility of that the different persons may be a carrier of the same person within themselves. A story, a picture of time shifts of different people and states of mind.


Video, directing, camera 2, editing – Tone Myskja, Sound Design – Jon Balke, camera 1 – Knut, directing assistant – Vibeke Wesenlund,

Participants in the video: Gry Kipperberg, Caroline Wahlstrôm Nesse, Halldis Olafsdottir, Lars Jacob Holm, Ellinor Myskja Balke, Anders Balke, Grethe Johansen, Arne Myskja.