Public Art / Tone Myskja


Public Art at Thora Storm secondary school in Trondheim.

What do you see? What do you remember?

Throughout life there are movement and changes. But for most people their name remains unchanged.
Your name is an important part of your identity and says something about your social and geographical background.
In my art for Thora Storm high school I have chosen to use first names as visual basis for the whole art project.
700 first names from the class lists of Thora Storm 2015. The first group of students at the new school.

The names are layered and partially hidden so you need to spend time finding letters to put together names. Some names are seen right away, while others disappear and become part of the visual material. The same will apply for changing in the coming years. Some names recur year after year, while another name belonged only to this particular student. By the combination visible / not visible, the work creates  layers where you begin to see new names and combinations and maybe even your own name even though it is not there. When our eyes record information from images, the brain can perceive them as something else, partly built on past experiences. Changes in visibility would also apply in relation to how the light falls on the image.
I often experience, in conversations, that people pick up different fragments of the same conversation and recounting various stories from the same conversation. Who you are and what you are passionate about is reflected in this.