Ning –

Exhibition view / Tone Myskja

Tone Myskja´s videoinstallation with aquarell drawings in small magnifying glasses.
Was first shown in Trøndelag Kunstnersenter 1996, later in a new version, at Galleri F-15, in the exhibition «AJAR» 1997,
Rogaland Kunstnersenter 1997, «Dark Field» London 1998 and The Nordic Aquarell Museum 2000.
The work is collected by The Nordic Aquarell Museum.

NING, from the book » See under: love» by David Grossman

– «The large ning as a kind of gathering element which guides the movement and decides when the fish swim together when they swim apart, when they turn. Ning that guides and at the same time open for variation, coincidence and spontaniety.

The «moving» needs a direction to move itself in.» –