Stage related projects / Tone Myskja

Tone Myskja/Zoe Christiansen/Sven Erga
The video «Alfabet» was made in relation to the project Alfabet at the National Library. It has later been exhibited at different venues.
Alfabet at the National Library was a staged installation, reading and choir concert in dialog with the poem «Alfabet»
by the danish writer Inger Christensen. The project was initiated by Zoe Christiansen, Mobile Homes
In the poetic cycle Christensen uses the alphabet and the so-called Fibonacci sequence as a framework for the poem. The Fibonacci sequence is however, not purely a mathematical calculational form, but also expresses a principle of growth in nature. Thus the poem speaks through the systems of the human existence in a vulnerable world, that man is about to destroy.
The video work «Alphabet» can be seen as a poetic-political collage. The images act as stations, there is no concrete story but parallel realities that work simultaneously, touch each other and sometimes flow into each other. The story is told in alternating between the private sphere and the world outside. It provides glimpses of places that are laid barren through our contemporary history, art history and mythology.
Video – Tone Myskja and Zoe Christiansen, Sound-design – Sven Erga, Photographer – Hilde Malme.

The project was supported by The Norwegian Arts Council.